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Your never too old to begin boxing!

Join us Mon, Wed, & Fri at 1:30 pm


Silver Senior Boxing for fitness provides amazing benefits throughout your lifetime but the benefits for your golden years are amazing:

1. Increase your hand eye coordination

2. Increase your cognitive abilities and alertness

3. Work your entire body and build lower body strength which makes it easier to stand, walk, and climb stairs on your own power - and helps prevent falls.

4. Based on your level of fitness you can start seated or standing

5. Boxing can be an amazing low to no impact cardio workout which benefits those with arthritis and other joint issues


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Do you know the amazing benefits that boxing has on Parkinson's Disease and MS?

Boxing promotes neurological changes in the brain that increase balance, mobility, quality of life, gait, velocity, and endurance.  This is in addition to the strength that you gain both mentally and physically.  

Our Senior Class coach Maria has studied and trained to effectively work with boxers of varied levels of ability and has intense training in the coaching of Parkinson's patients.  She is passionate about helping individuals reach optimal health mentally, physical, and spiritually through the sweet science of boxing.  Give us a call if you have questions or simply join the family.  We'd love to work with you!

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